Happy Hallowthankmas

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Last week we had two posts, so this week will be short. The holidays are upon us. After school starts, the running toward January begins. At Home Depot the fall decorations stand proudly with Christmas across the aisle. The phrase I’ve heard is Happy Hallowthankmas! No Christmas in my house until the day after Thanksgiving, but Saturday I visited a friend whose tree last year never went down. It is spectacular!

Since the last twelve months plus a few have been difficult with the passing of several dear ones—and perhaps you have experienced the same—I feel to remind you that the holidays are especially tender for those alone for the first time or those whose loved ones passed during this season or for those who have ever loved anyone and shared holidays with them. That’s probably about all of us, come to think of it. So let’s take care of and with each other.

A Farewell

Time cannot heal all wounds

Nor all hearts’ hurts.

Love cannot seal all raw edges

Nor smooth all life’s sad brows.

Those whose lives we share,

Who say our names in ways

We cannot forget,

How could their love fade?


It cannot, does not die

But blooms in other places,

Other kingdoms richer than our own

Waiting for the someday to say again,

To feel and show again,

“I love you, I love you.”

2 thoughts on “Happy Hallowthankmas”

  1. Oh my! Your blog truly touched my heart. Thanksgiving and Christmas
    have never been quite the same especially since our sweet mom passed just before Christmas 21 years ago. I miss her and all who await us in heaven. Beautiful poem. ❤💕🙏

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