Enigma Variations

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This week, just the ending of a story. Edgar is in possession of a pen that can draw in three dimensions. His friend, the inventor, died in a fiery crash but had left it with him after drawing a large X in which some felt they could see all of human history with Christ’s Atonement at the center, at the nexus. The story tells about the progress from that point through public viewings and media discussion. Edgar finally demonstrates a different perspective by drawing a large circle in front of an audience, with some seeing that shape which is the opposite of an X, a circle. Eternity ensues. The story has neither been read at a conference nor published. Maybe later…The title comes from the piece by Edward Elgar. A personal favorite within them is “Nimrod” which you can hear for orchestra here piano solo here. Brings me to tears every time. (The music, not the story.)

“Again Edgar interrupted but only with a gesture that indicated Kellerby should remain quiet. As the world watched, he moved the table toward him and brought the pen from his pocket. He studied the blank paper and chose a spot at which to begin. Although it had been thought impossible, Edgar drew a perfect circle, freehand, on the paper.

As the pen worked its technical magic, the crowd didn’t seem to breathe. Eternity began to unfold on the table as a circle found its expression not as a deep well into which an imaginary line dropped on and on for a very, very long time but as a vital roundness of being, robust and beautiful, renewing at every turn. On viewing the circle, those present could understand something of both the infinite and the minute, of glory and the mundane. With the first shape came repentance as the weight of the nexus honed into the hearts of those who sensed its meaning. With the second came confidence in the promises made through all the parenting ages weighing upon the future of the human family. Edgar knew that it was good. He looked up and smiled at Pamela. It was done. Tears could once again flow. And so it ended.”

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    I, too, have always loved that Elgar piece. Anticipated or not, this has to be a hard time. I feel sure my mother is reaching down with hugs for you. Ed and I offer prayers of comfort for you and all of your family.

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